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Business owners and executives at fast-growth Field Service companies rely on Origo’s ability to streamline and scale their back-office operations so they can focus on growing the business and grabbing market share faster.


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Will You Be the LAST to Discover the

Benefits Of Remote Teams?

Field Service executives face real challenges today:

Luckily, there’s a solution for that...

Scale Your Operations and Increase Profits Faster All While

Freeing Up Your Leadership Team

Leading Field Service companies are already experiencing the benefits of remote team:

It's all upside for everyone involved, but only if you choose the right partner!

Why Origo is the #1 Choice for the Fastest Growing

Field Service Companies

Specialized Industry Knowledge

With our experience processing over 1,000,000 service requests, we know more about running the back-office & support operations of a Field Service company than any other BPO (and most Service Agents)

Unlock Scalability

Whether you need to hire 10 or 100 team members, we’ve got the systems and talent pool in place to grow with you at your own pace.

Operational Improvement

We don’t recruit low-cost labor for you and wish you good luck. We create and execute Value Creation Plans to increase your team's productivity, fix operations issues, and automate workflows with technology.

One-Call Recruiting

You can forget about long 25-step hiring and onboarding cycles. With Origo, all you need is one phone call to your Client Success Manager and you’ll have new trained staff deployed in a matter of weeks. All hands off for you and your team.

We’ve Got Your Back-Office

We hire, train, and co-manage your dedicated remote team members across all back-office functions from call to cash.

Origo Academy

We empower your team members to get 1% better everyday by providing them with all the training and tools they need.

Guaranteed KPis

We put our money where our mouth is by tying our compensation to our performance. If we ever fail to deliver on agreed KPIs, we take a pay cut.

Simple Pricing

There are no hidden fees, multiple invoices, and complicated pricing. You get to choose a fixed pricing plan that suits your needs and helps you forecast your cash flow.

What Top Service Agents

Are Saying About Origo

Rodger Smelcer

Co-Founder at United Service Technologies

“After working with Origo, it becomes clear that not all BPOs are created equal. We’ve doubled our business since working with Origo, and they have played an important role by enabling us to scale.”

Gyner Ozgul

Chief Operating Officer at SmartCare Equipment Solutions

“To anyone considering working with Origo, I would say, "try it." Take one specific area of your back office that would either improve your clients’ experience or your employees’ lives, and let Origo do their thing. You will find out that it works, that it produces tangible results, and that you can scale it.”

How We Bring You More Profits and

Help You Scale Faster


Uncover all the operational improvements and growth opportunities sitting inside your business as we dig into your data and meet with key members on your team.


Enjoy more profits and scale faster with a detailed Value Creation Plan that defines specific objectives and key results to achieve, maps out the structure of your remote team, and shows all the initiatives we’ll execute over the next 90 days and beyond.


We’ll do all the work to attract, hire, train, and onboard your new remote team members to achieve the specific results and KPIs we’ve agreed on. And that’s just the start!


Improvement never stops as we’re always learning new ways to boost your profits and better service your clients by executing new initiatives every 90 days.

Does Your Field Service company

Suffer From Profit Leaks?

After processing over 1,000,000 service requests, we’ve found that a lot of Field Service companies we come across are leaking profits.

And a lot of times, these “Profit Leaks” are hiding in plain sight.

If you’re processing over 2,000 service requests every month, there is a high chance that your company is suffering from one or more “Profit Leaks” that each could be costing you $100,000-500,000+/year in profits.

To help you uncover these profit leaks, we’ve developed the Profit Score Quiz to pinpoint areas in your business that could be costing you profits.

It also gives you a score that helps you benchmark your profitability compared to other service companies in your industry.

Business consultants charge thousands for these insights. But because we want to add value to you before money even exchanges hands, we're waiving the fee and offering it to you for free.

Click on the button below to schedule a time and run your business through the Profit Score Quiz.

Want To Find out if

A Remote Team

Is Right For You?

The first step is to schedule a call with Scott, our Director of Partnerships, to find out how building a remote team at Origo can help you scale your operations and grow your profits.

We’ll build a detailed Value Creation Plan to show you all the operational improvements a remote team can bring to your business before any money changes hands.

Click on the button below to get started.

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